This page is meant to be an anonymous yet personal surface blog. I have no intentions of putting any effort into advertising or tagging my posts, but if you happen to stumble upon me and enjoy the content, that’s fantastic. Most of my posts will be based around whatever happens to be swirling around In my head. An outlet of sorts. Or perhaps a way of sorting my outlets: Archiving thoughts as they hold fleeting significance.

A short introduction.

  • Traveling

Born & Raised in Oklahoma, generally very little traveling until recently.

  • Language

I’m very fond of Japan and the language/culture/people that occupy it. I’ve also studied French, Spanish, and plan to study Mandarin in the future. Japanese is my primary focus and far exceeds my other SLs. It also helps to justify my crippling 2D addiction.

  • Television/Film

Like most, I burn a lot of time on television and film. I really enjoy campy horror, dry comedy, awkward romance, practical effects, and exaggerated gore. Not a fan of most major releases in the past 5 years, but I usually find myself watching them anyways. It’s something I prefer to discuss in person, but I imagine I’ll occasionally post a review, analysis, or thoughts on the subject.