Who’s Flook(ondaloor?)


“Who are you, sire?” Said no one.

A bellowing laugh followed. “Do not call me Sire, Squire.” He proudly said to himself.


Nice one, Flook.

I’m  I guess I’m Flook? I never really saw myself identifying with it as a handle, but I do quite like the way it sounds. I’ve always had a thing for names that can be playfully shortened. “Flook,” works especially well for Flookondaloor seeing as how Flook/Fluke essentially means, “happy accident.” Now, I’m not really sure if it applies but it certainly sounds nice when you put it that way. Also refers to a certain part of a boat’s anchor. I’m sure there’s some nice symbolism hiding there.

Let me first state that I intend to be as anonymous as possible, so I won’t be delving into anything even remotely identifiable in terms of my own identity. But I will be getting pretty personal. There’s really no subject I’m unwilling to delve into, so expect many mind dumps and irritated rants, as well as some overjoyed tangents on various subjects within the world I occupy.

The world I occupy? 

  • I am currently traveling the US.

Born & Raised in Oklahoma, only ever leaving the comfort of my small town for the sake of family. OR at least for the most part. I’ve been down to OKC plenty of times, and Tulsa was a pretty regular stop. But aside from that, it’s just been Florida and the states in-between.

  • Japan, and language as a whole.

I am a massive romanticist when it comes to Japan and the language/culture/people that occupy it. I’ve been studying the language for a handful of years now, but only recently have I begun to make it a primary focus. This alongside English studies is where the majority of my free-time is spent. I also love to write and read a variety of subjects.

  • Anime/Film

Yes. I do also watch anime. I currently have ‘171 anime registered within my “completed.” I also have 68 re-watches listed separately from the aforementioned number, mostly because I’m literally insane and begin to feel twitchy if I don’t re-watch Toradora/Oreimo/Steins;Gate, every few months. Send help.

I watch a lot of Indie films, horror, and really anything that interests me. I might post about them in the future. Who knows?

  • Art: Illustration, Concept. Character Design.

I used to draw hours every day. Constantly drawing. I improved tremendously for awhile, but it eventually grew tiresome for reasons I will likely make a full post about later. I still am involved with the “scene,” and do draw occasionally. It could certainly turn into a common topic on Flookondaloor.

That’s about all.