A simple introduction to the page as well as “Flookondaloor.”

I wanted the name of this blog to be anonymous yet personal, so for that reason I had a lot of trouble thinking of a proper name. Flookondaloor is a name that I never used for myself online, no one knows me by it, yet I’m also intimate with the title. Perfect, I thought. Just call me Flook.

I’ve been using it on male video game protagonists for as long as I can remember, but I believe the first may have been a male Khajiit who lived within my favourite game of all time, Morrowind.

These bros made me jump out of my skin back In the day.

Flookondaloor was a bad cat that hunted “bad rats,” haha. I think that was supposed to be a joke but I honestly have no idea. It’s staying either way.

He wore glass armor, though I think he was nude last I played, at least aside from his enchanted robe. Glass breaks somewhat quickly and I saw an excuse to power level him via drowning in deadly fish. Funny how that works.

Though, nowadays Flookondaloor hasn’t been used for much of anything aside from my devices. Flookondaloor (phone edition) is what I’m using to type this. Though there’s also Flookondaloora, Flookondalooras, Flookond, and of course my primary pc boasts the original title.

As far as actually introducing myself as a person? Well, I’ll probably attempt that in a more concise way within the About section. Assuming that there is one? I haven’t used wordpress in awhile, and the last time was just so I could post character concepts and share them with my comic circle.

I’ve now come to realise that my main wordpress account is still tied directly to this site. Not very anonymous if you know me by my main username, now is it? But oh well, it’s anonymous enough.


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