Fetish-like lust, and other such things. #2


I’ve now come back from working & I’m ready to finish this up with a nice and aggressive tangent.

Allow me to make myself feel better by elaborating my thoughts on the flipside of our previous topic. “Maledom,” is the most plebeian fucking fetish. You’re already implicitly dominating women just by existing as a man. They have piss-poor upper body strength so they can’t even overpower you if you’re a turbo-manlet. All of their instincts are to be meek and approval-seeking and to worry that you find them terribly unsexy. The entire female psyche comes pre-compromised by male impositions before you can even lay a finger on it.

And before you start thinking I’m about to take a feminist angle. Haha. No, not at all. I don’t give a fuck about any of that, this isn’t political, this is biological.

The single most effeminate thing a man can do is find it necessary to tighten the screws even further than they already are by demanding that the woman call him “daddy” or do servile shit. Heaps of women already fucking fantasise about being raped, ravished, or “taken,” already fantasise about being permanently neotenised “little girls” or “bimbo-ified” housewives, and you have to rub it in further by lording over them? Psshhhh. Come on, lad. Chill out.

Women already see men like a nuclear explosion of Freudian paternalism radiation psychically forcing them to their knees, and you need to push them even lower by calling them a “good girl?”

“Maledom,” is like defeating your enemy in honourable single combat, and then when he’s laying vulnerable on the ground, declining to give him the coup de grace and choosing instead to force him to tell you how hard you kicked his ass. Just stick it in him already and be done with it. He’s already submissive to you by virtue of having lost. You don’t need to turn it into a fetish act.

The single manliest, most virile thing a man can do is femdom. Engaging in femdom is like meditating on a mountaintop until you discover the primordial nature of sex, power, and reality, and then coming back down in order to meekly guide your fellow man to that realisation. It’s nursing your defeated enemy back to health and forgiving him with Caesar-like magnanimity. When you are physically stronger than a woman and fueled by animal lust to take her and do what you want with her, the most alpha male course of action is to let her hold you back and have her way.



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