My intentions with this page.

I debated with myself between making this a surface blog that I would attach my actual identity to, probably just post about my travels and PG lifestyle. Give the address to friends and family, maybe build a small audience outside of that?

That would be really boring.

Second option was to make an anonymous blog where I could funpost to my heart’s delight. Some would say an honest blog where I just ramble about whatever. And I figure I might as well start with one of my biggest turn-ons as well as one of my most shameful confessions. Alright, maybe it’s not that bad… But it certainly feels like it.

It should be a fun way to kick things off.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’re just going to jump right into the deep end of my mind. Not the deepest, but certainly you’d have to dip your head below the surface if you began to long for solid ground, to rest thy toes after setting foot into the pool that is this page. Mouthful; that was.

At first I was going to ease my way into this but I know I’ll be making the post sooner or later, so why not just use it as foundation for the entire page? Excellent way to break the ice.

Though before I begin, I’d like to say that this is not a place for me to speak formally, stick to certain topics, or even attempt basic courtesy. This is a place for me to dump all of the thoughts I’d otherwise never let out, rather they would dwell within the prison of my own mind. To hell with forming coherent sentences, not rambling, or having perfect grammar. I doubt many will read this but I will type as cleanly as possible with the time I can allot to typing. I’m just not going to be anal about it and perfect all of my drafts before publishing. I’ll type it straight from my head and then publish it once it looks full enough.


Now, I’m a note-taker and by that I mean that I take notes of anything and eveything, meaningless thoughts on menial subjects fully included. Especially invited. I value these notes highly and wince whenever I lose them however trivial their contents may or may not be. This isn’t something I talk or even think about very often.

I also like lists to an unhealthy degree. A doctor once told me I seem to have a flavour of ocd based off of my habits, but I’ve never seen an actual psychiatrist about it or had myself mentally evaluated in any real way, so I just assume he’s incorrect. I can control myself, I just fucking love lists. That’s all. But that’s not the point.

Only reason I bring it up, I imagine I’ll reference these notes from time to time. Or I may even dump some of them into the post. My notes are mostly typed with the same sort of nuance as this post.

I’m mostly making this post first to preface all future posts. I can use it as an excuse for my sloppy formatting and general typing style.

Unless of course I actually built an audience somehow, even then I doubt I’d improve. I’m doing this for the positive vibes, not to be graded on my writing. Feels more organic.


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