The light of THINN. It shines upon us all.

I like thin gals, that I do, I do indeed. We’re going to go thinn in this post because I simply cannot contain the thinn hunger that courses within me.


>Slightly thinn

>Perfect body

>Moderate breasts

>Cute personality

>Pure and innocent

>Strong and intelligent

>Sweet and gentle

>Loyal and truly loving

>Beautifully crafted character design

Lisha-sama is truly too perfect.


But, this is not the goal of this post. The goal is to reach true THINN levels.
Some might even say “too” thinn. We must go thinner for this.

Skin and bones. Plump butt. Flat chest.


THINNER. W-we have to go thinner.


What are proportions?

I’m not entirely sure what it is about thinn gals, but they certainly hit a sweet spot for me, and this of course applies to real-world as well.


Hip bone. Visible ribcage. Thinn.

I know one thing, though. It is good and it is right. If you disagree, clearly you’re a philistine who does not appreciate the true beauty of the thinn booty. Bow down and repent.


Christ almighty.


Deep breaths, Flook. Deep breathes.


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