Intelligence vs. Knowledge.

An intelligent person is naturally deductive. He or she knows how to use logical thinking to draw parallels to current situations, think Sherlock Holmes. A knowledgeable person is someone who has — through repetition — learned something and who can now apply that knowledge. Intelligence is inborn, knowledge isn’t. Then again, it takes certain people to be really good at math just like it takes certain people to be good at writing, music, language, philosophy or art. To say, for example, that all of these individuals except the mathematician lack intelligence, is not only terribly arrogant but it’s also far from reality. It would be like me saying that you’re mentally deficit for not being able to play all of Bach’s Goldberg variations. Every individual is different, especially in terms of our interests and personality. This of course in-turn shapes our personal proficiency in many areas.

What really brings me down is the amount of people I’ve spoken to that claim themselves to be incapable of most pursuits, simply due to their failure in one subject. This is a terrible way of approaching things. Many immediately assume that they cannot develop an understanding towards any complex book, subject, or language ー simply because they failed at something similar in the past. Or it’s just an excuse to lessen their efforts. If they had truly tried, I doubt they would have failed in the first place. 


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