Studies and Sleep balance

Lately, when people speak English, sometimes the corresponding kanji or vocab card from Anki flies out of their mouth. I can’t tell if it’s due to the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent on flashcards, the fact that I’m currently sleep deprived from changing into an “Everyman sleep schedule,” or if I’m just nutso. Might be any combination of these things.

While waiting in a lobby for 6 hours, I went through over a thousand Kanji flashcards. After getting home, I crashed for 3 hours 21:00 – 00:30. After waking up from my Japanese alarm, which had awoken me from a dream in Japanese. I then did all of my WaniKani kanji, read through Tae Kim’s Jap Grammar pdf, did a bit of kana brushup, and then more Anki flashcards. This all adds up to around 13 hours if you exclude the time I spent funposting on Futaba Channel.

My current schedule is a core sleep of 3 hours. From 21:00 – 00:30 + 3 20min naps. I give 10 minute leeway to fall asleep.

Nap one 4:00 – 4:30

Nap two 8:00 – 8:30

Nap three 14:30 – 15:00


So far, it’s served it’s purpose. Allows me to be up during the day to live my life. And I’m also being supplied plenty of time to study from midnight till 6:30-8:00, depending on the day.

Huge adjustment, though. Especially considering how unscheduled I generally sleep. No two days would really go the same way, and normally, I would never go to sleep before 2:00. 

Training myself to get REM sleep within 30 minutes, this is the part that will truly take some adapting to. But so far, I’ve been functioning just fine. And supposedly it should only take a couple weeks for my “inner clock” to adapt to the current rhythm. I may not even need alarms after awhile, who knows.


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