Best gal — Touhsaka Rin — Fate

I think Saber is awesome and the Fate series would lose a lot without her. But, regardless… Rin has managed to create a disruption in my life that is unspeakably profound. Truly.

She caused me to fall in love with another fictional character right when I was beginning to think it would never happen again. Or more specifically, no gal would ever surpass my current top two gals.

Allow me to inform you that I’m about to take off a metaphorical blindfold. A necessary warning to anyone reading this who’s yet to see my magic eye.

Above is a list I made in 2015. I no longer agree with it… but it is accurate where it counts.

Aoyama Nanami from Sakurasou [Queen] was my number one for quite some time. She was different from the other best gals in a lot of ways, and generally caught me by surprise. She currently sits at [probably] number 4.

Now. Ever since the Winter of 2015, it had been Kurisu from Steins;Gate that held my throne. If I’m being honest, she had likely been above Aoyama ever since I watched Steins;Gate. But it wasn’t until I finished Steins;Gate’s vn that I was comfortable with letting a new girl take Aoyama’s place. After-all, Aoyama had held the throne for quite some time. She also had/has no figures, and I was suffering a great deal from such a travesty. But I never gave in. “The true fans will never give up!” I cried. I truly believed that Sakurasou would recieve a 2nd season and that Aoyama would see the light and drown in merchandise.

Though, sadly. That day has yet to come. That day will likely never come. Japan is not a feelin’ it.

It was also around this time that I had watched Toradora and discovered Ami Kawashima. I won’t detail anything about the series in case you’ve not watched it, but she’s a very odd character to fall for, considering the roster, and some have called me a heretic for such actions. She quickly took Aoyama’s spot in 2nd place. A queen had quickly fallen and a conflict was emerging. A conflict that I avoided altogether by pretending it did not exist.

Kurisu is my #1. I stated this to myself clearly enough for the world to hear. Ami took a backseat as the sleeping dragon even during the time of Aoyama’s reign, but she was soon to resurface, partially due to my completionistic tendencies. For you see, Toradora has a mini “VN.” Finding this was to be a major milestone for the quest. Best girls would be put into question once more.

Long story short, and enough of this awful prose. I convinced myself that Kurisu was my #1. In the back of my head, I was convinced that it was a tie with Ami, but I really didn’t want to admit it because I’m nuts. But after playing Toradora portable and “completing” the series in my mind. I quickly allowed my fondness of Ami to take over, and I was put in a position where I felt completely split between the two.

For reference, I hit 100% in Toradora a day before 2017 began.

So. A conflict, as mentioned previously. And this went on for months. I even cleared my schedule and re-watched Steins;Gate/Toradora, the entirety of both, in one sitting. I made mental notes of why I like the characters, and I attempted to determine which was the ultimate grail girl. I had done marathons before this, but this was truly the most intensive watch session I’ve ever done. And it settled nothing. It did not end here.

I then took a couple weeks to ponder the characters and my thoughts. I made notes as well. I talked about it plenty at the time. I think I must have wrote enough to be worthy of a thesis. But it still didn’t click. I could not decide which was my best gal. I simply could not do it.

So, I did what any sane person would do. I replayed both of their routes in their respective VNs. It was heaps fun and I forgot what I was doing. And at this point, I decided that ties truly are possible… In some ways they were similar characters, but at the end of the day, they were nothing alike. I drew out their similarities and their differences, and I denoted points from this. But, regardless, they were both equals without match. No one could possibly surpass them… Unless… No… That would be impossible.

Imagine that feel when I went through so much heavy consideration, only to have Rin walk up and sit down in the throne like she had owned it from the start.

She was always one of my favorite characters from the Fate series, even as a Loli during Zero. Then I loved her from the little bit of Stay/Night that I watched during the simulcast, [I watched 4 episodes of Fate Stay/Night while it was airing] but I only received a somewhat brief introduction to her “real” character outside of loli-mode, so I never allowed myself to consider her a best gal. But nonetheless a lasting impression was made. I’d been eager to watch Stay/Night for a long time, but I’d also been holding off since I didn’t want to spoil the VN. But regardless, it’s no secret that she’s always been one of my favorite character’s in terms of character design. And there’s plenty of that to go around.

She has a personality that somehow manages to merge and sink right in-between the sweet spots of my top two gals, Ami and Kurisu. Hell, even her body type seems to fit right between them. She managed to hit grail levels on all “levels.”

I’ve only recently seen her truly fleshed out now that I’ve sunk several dozen hours into the VN, but it’s made things very clear. And once I finish the VN completely, I’ll of course re-watch the fate series and hit all of the content I was too scared to touch before.

It’s a profound experience. Truly. Truly.

[Obviously I’m going overboard, but I’m not really exaggerating the meat of things.] What I’m mostly trying to say, is that I like the way it feels to have a definitive favorite. A gal that will never fail to re-capture and hold your undying devotion. A symbol, more-or-less, for your collection and hobby as a whole. I tried to convince myself that I had it, but then I came to face that I did not. I was convinced that I could break down why they were “tied,” and then I could determine which inched ahead, and give her the throne until the end of time. After-all, I rarely run into a character that leaves any lasting impression on me, nowadays, so I assumed these two would always be at the top. But does it really count if your best gal has to inch ahead? I think not.

I still hold interest in both Ami and Kurisu just as much as I did when I first found them. Actually, I probably hold them both much higher now that I’ve spent so much time doing overly drawn out mental gymnastics on why I like them.

But I think that just goes to show how impenetrable Rin will be, as a grail gal. I already knew that I liked her character, but I didn’t expect her to have such a strong effect on me. It’s a fantastic vibe. Feels victorious, like I’ve discovered the meaning to life. Just, uhh, on a much smaller scale. My wallet is definitely going to hurt once I get back.

Tl;dr. Rin Touhsaka is best gal.

As always, even though this is my first time saying it, I’d like to end this by stating that I would never soil a best gal. Ours is a love as pure as the driven snow. A divine gift not to be soiled by pleasures of the flesh. I mean, unless the adult content happened to be apart of the source material. Then it’s just inevitable to be engaged, and disrespectful to avert thy eyes.


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