Rin Touhsaka

Admittedly, she was always one of my favorite characters from the Fate series, even as a young gal during Zero. I then enjoyed her screentime from the little of Stay/Night that I watched during the simulcast, even if it was only two or three episodes at the time. See, I knew she had the potential but I didn’t have the evidence. Nevertheless, a lasting impression was made. 

For awhile I’d been eager to watch Unlimited Blade Works after it had finished airing back in 2014, but I’d also been holding off since I didn’t want to spoil the source content. It’s no secret that she’s always been one of my definitive favorites in terms of character design alone, and hey, even her alternate artwork is fantastic.

More importantly than that, her personality and temperament hits a bullseye. Very similar to my other two favorites. To put it bluntly, I’d say that Touhsaka is the cross cut of the two. From body type to dialogue, she slides right inbetween: However, I’ll leave those two to their own seperate posts, not only to avoid digressing from the main point, but they as well deserve their own spotlight. 

The writers really managed to hit a sweet spot, and I have to hand it to Fate for this, it’s something that the series has been pretty good at, consistently.

I’ve only seen Touhsaka truly fleshed out after several months of playing the visual novel sparingly, treating it like a reward for a hard day’s work. Savoring every line along the way, knowing I’ll wish I could read it again for the first time. Truly, it’s worth every second.

It’s a profound experience. I like the way it feels to have a definitive favorite, a symbol, more-or-less, for your collection and hobby as a whole. I tried to convince myself that I had it, but I did not. I’m now confident that I do.

I am victorious. I’ve discovered the meaning to life and all it’s intricacies.

Tl;dr. Rin Touhsaka is best girl. 


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