E.V.E Online

Let’s talk about an incident in an MMO named E.V.E Online.

5 years ago a player called James 315 started pissing off miners by ramming into their ships using a Stabber (a very fast ship). When you ram a ship in EVE, it causes that ship to bounce off your shields. You can send ships hurtling 10s of kilometers doing this. This is especially annoying to pilots flying mining ships which are slow and take forever to get back their original position.

After a while of doing this, he started gaining support from gankers and other people who loved watching the miners rage. He quickly found that gankers would kill miners in his name and responded by founding the New Order of Highsec, which was to make highsec (the supposed safe area of space in the game) a haven for gankers, pirates, and all sorts of villains.

A few years later and you have multitude of gankers working together to blow up huge freighters and heavily-tanked mining vessels in the “safest” areas of space, which to this day causes untold levels of rage as people lose billions to them. This is especially significant as gankers had never been organised to this level before.

One of these gankers became the #1 PvP (in terms of ISK destroyed,) in the entire game. Unfortunately, he managed to get himself banned after he made fun of a miner who killed his wife and child and then himself in a murder-suicide, in EVE’s suicide prevention chat channel. Yes, EVE has a suicide prevention chat channel.

E.v.E is filled with players who want to make their own fun and not be told which rides to go on or how tall they must be to ride them. A dying breed of gaming filled with dedicated players. Dedicated.


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