What Is IQ?

IQ doesn’t measure overarching intelligence, it measures how well the underlying subsystems can perform certain low level tasks. Having good neurological machinery (in the readily testable functional areas) does not mean the state of the overall system is such that they’re coordinated, communicate, and ultimately used properly.

You can have a very, very, poor system made of incredibly good parts. And that system may never encounter or be composed of the means to pattern itself in useful ways.

IQ measures a person’s ability to learn, not necessarily their application of it, the amount of knowledge they have, the veracity of that knowledge, or their ability to think critically in terms of decision-making and questioning their preconceptions.

That’s to say, a thirty-year-old with an IQ of 100 has a lot more knowledge than and will make better choices than a ten-year-old with an IQ of 160. Alternatively, the 160-IQ individual may have dedicated that learning propensity to something useless like dated technology, conspiracy theories, or maybe even nothing at all.

IQ is a single measurement of intelligence, a multi-faceted and complex concept. There are IQ tests that break intelligence down into multiple sub IQs, those tests are fairly informative.

your personality isn’t based on your IQ.

IQ doesn’t make you virtuous, or confident, or energetic, or clever. It allows you to recognize patterns faster than someone with a lower score. 

Woohoo! My IQ is ~144. There, I just swung my dick. That’s about all it’s good for anyway other than measuring for mental deficit.

The most intelligent people are not the people with the highest IQ scores that I know. The most intelligent people I know are very well-read and if I could describe them in one word, it’d be “clarity”. They are humble. They have “good” personalities. They are mature, don’t let things get to them, focus on what matters, don’t waste time, are virtuous and self-aware… Legitimacy is important too. I’ve seen very few posts within online pop-sci/math forums that made me think it was by a legitimately intelligent person, and that’s out of the sardonic attitude that the internet encourages, and that is definitely not intelligent at all, but shows some kind of insecurity or carelessness, too vitriolic to take seriously or give any credibility to, and it’s a shame. Who cares I suppose. High processing power, bad software.

To continue this metaphor. 

Intelligence = High IQ = Good Hardware.

Wisdom = High Education = Good Software

You can run shitty software on good Hardware.

However, it’s very hard to run heavy, top notch software on shitty Hardware.

Even if your hardware is the best (high IQ), if you install shitty software (bad education), then you will recieve shitty results.

But we all know that when we try to install heavy software (Ivy League level education) such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Studio or a AAA HD PC game on shitty Hardware (low IQ), the software will either run very slowly, crash, fail to install, or even won’t run at all.

Hardware (high IQ) can be seen as a requirement for some fields. But the software (wisdom) is crucial.

For the most part, your IQ is an insignificant, vague measure of how quickly you recognize patterns, and other such things


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