Mass made, mass marketed self indulging garbage that has no intention of staying in the readers mind longer than a subway ride from A to B. Produced for the now, not for the future. The pinnacle of consumerism. Fast, cheap and innocent in the eyes of the tired modern man.


Retro Gaming Tech – Cartridges/ROM

A cartridge in it's most basic form is just a convenient way to plug a ROM chip into the CPU of a console. ROM is very simple. You give ROM a number called an "address", and it returns a number that is the "data" at that address. Well, since we're working with digital electronics, these … Continue reading Retro Gaming Tech – Cartridges/ROM

The light of THINN. It shines upon us all.

I like thin gals, that I do, I do indeed. We're going to go thinn in this post because I simply cannot contain the thinn hunger that courses within me. >Slightly thinn >Perfect body >Moderate breasts >Cute personality >Pure and innocent >Strong and intelligent >Sweet and gentle >Loyal and truly loving >Beautifully crafted character design … Continue reading The light of THINN. It shines upon us all.